Sleep Expert

As a sleep expert, I advise companies on important aspect of sleep relevant to their business. In this capacity I have done media commentry and presentations as well as radio appearances. I have also written regular articles relating to sleep issues. For more information on these pieces, follow the links below.

For tips from a sleep expert on getting a good night’s sleep see:

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To understand the link between stress and sleep:

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Here’s a piece explaining how your circadian rhythm, or body clock, influences your sleep:

Will you spring forward with the clock change?

Why do we dream? And what is the difference between nightmares and night terrors:

Dreams, nightmares and night terrors

For advice on sleep gadgets designed to help you sleep:

Does technology help or hinder sleep?

Tips on how to sleep in hot weather:

Sleeping in a heat wave

Here’s a piece on how sleep varies with the seasons:

Seasonal influences on sleep

Read about why some people sleepwalk or talk in their sleep:

Sleepwalking and sleep talking

Could someone in your family have sleep apnea? Learn more about this sleep disorder:

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